There Is No Difference

                                       There Is No Difference

An Argument for the Abolition of the Indian Reserve System and Special Race-based Laws and Entitlements for Canada’s Indians


1     Introduction     1

2     Terminology     13

3     The Separate But Equal Doctrine     17

4     Assimilation and Cultural Loss     23

5     An Issue of Freedom of Speech     35

6     Pre-contact Indian Culture and the Shock of the New     41

7     Still Waters Stagnate     68

8     Taking a Longer View of Time     70

9     The Violence and Dispossession Caused by Migrating Peoples     75

10     Great Britain: A Conqueror With a Conscience     83

11     The Grant of Legal Rights to Canadian Indians     89

12     The Essential Humanity of the Migrators to Canada     95

13     The End Times of Indian Cultures in Canada     114

14     The Myth of Nation to Nation Dealings     122

15     The Treaties: Fairly Made and Honourably Implemented     128

16     The Robinson-Huron Treaties     134

17     The Manitoulin Treaty     139

18     The Manitoba Treaties     142

19     The North-West Angle Treaty     145

20     The Prairie Treaties     149

21     Common Themes     154

22     The Emasculation of Crown Sovereignty     161

23     The Haida Nation Case     165

24     The Mikisew Cree Case     175

25     The Rio Tinto Case     177

26     Dancing With Danegeld     180

27     The Attack on Law and Order     207

28     The Frontenac Ventures Blockade     212

29     The Shakedown of Platinex     217

30      KI: The First Two Letters in “Kindergarten”     223

31     The Idle No More Protests: Two-tier Policing on Display     228

32     The Solid Gold Resources case: Ontario’s Sovereignty Giveaway     230

33     The 2012 Algonquin Land Claims Settlement Agreement: The Deal of the (19th) Century.     240

34     The Imperative of Sole Crown Authority     248

35     Indian Reserves as Tax Havens     271

36      Devolving Control of Education to Indians     279

37     A “First Nations” Education     279

38     The Academic Gyp of “Identity Studies”     285

39     Indian Reserves: Canada’s Gated Communities     294

40      Setting Indians Free From Their Past     299

41     Rethinking the “Honour of the Crown” Principle     328

42     Our Liberal Values     332

43     The Myth of Race and Racial Differences     337

44     The Amygdala Factor: Our Civic Duty to give No Legal or Political Effects to Race Thinking     339

45     Dismantling the Colossus     347

46     Why Bother?     351

47     Amending the Constitution and Overriding Haida Nation Jurisprudence     361

48     Ending the Reserve System and Race-based Laws     364

49     Care and Compassion During the Transition Period     367

50     It’s Not Impossible (Nelson Mandela Proved It)     370

    2 thoughts on “There Is No Difference”

    1. I subscribe to NZCPR and am impressed with your concise thinking regarding the Liberal Governments repatriation of the Canadian Constitution and the Trudeau amendment. In particular I am concerned with the Indian Land claims and these vested powers in the constitution and now leveraged by the Supreme Court, which appear to divide the country holding commerce to ransom. As an ex-Kiwi I am well aware of the stupidity that is taken place in that country and, as you say, “a warning to Canada”. With the CBC beating the drum, talking up how to abolish the Senate, perhaps it is time for a constitutional amendment to abolish Section 35. What is being done, if anything, to bring this to the fore and before it’s too late as may be the case in New Zealand.

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